Lower Back Pain Relief Exercise Equipment

by LMatthews on November 13, 2012

back pain relief inversion table Teeter Hangups ep-950

Teeter inversion tables even have add-ons specifically for lumbar stretch support and acupressure points.

Sufferers of lower back pain often find it difficult to exercise as many types of activity add extra stress to the spine, increasing pain. Whilst yoga, swimming, and cycling can all help burn calories they may need some tailoring to ensure safety when exercising with back pain. Luckily, there are specific back pain products designed for use whilst exercising with lumbar spinal stenosis and back pain.

Causes of Back Pain

Products that stretch out the spinal muscles, decompress the lumbar spine and improve core strength and stability are staples of many physical therapy regimes for lumbar back pain. Working out the cause of lower back pain is important so as to avoid exacerbating whatever has triggered the spinal problem. This may be something as simple as forgetting to warm up before hitting the gym, or having an inappropriate work set-up that causes back strain.

Avoiding Back Pain

Oftentimes stress plays a part in the development and continuation of back pain and so it can be helpful to practice yoga, pilates or other mindful activity that provides focus and stress-relief. As some people find a gym session particularly good for stress relief this may also help combat back pain but such activity should be carried out with caution as awkward or repetitive movements, such as lifting weights, are often the cause of back injuries.

Inversion Tables for Back Pain

back pain products gaiam strong core back pain relief kit

Gaiam's uniquely peanut-shaped ball provides great support for lumbar back pain exercises.

Inversion tables can help restore the natural posture of the spine and relieve pressure on the spinal disks,which may then relieve pinched nerves, give the spine a chance to heal and combat headaches, neck pain and back pain connected to spinal misalignment. Some of the more popular Teeter inversion tables have add-ons to provide extra lumbar stretching and support. A few minutes a day at a 25-degree inversion can gradually ease back pain and allow the spine to decompress.

Yoga Exercise Balls and Supports for Back Pain

Another popular product that looks pretty inconspicuous but is helping many with back pain is the Gaiam Strong Core and Back Kit. This uniquely peanut-shaped no-burst ball can be used as support when exercising with back pain and is ideal for yoga and pilates enthusiasts with lumbar spine problems. Exercise balls are another tried and tested way to relieve back pain and many people now switch between an exercise ball and their office chair whilst at work so as to keep core strength good and relieve stress on the spine.

Simple Back Pain Relief

Other decompression devices for lumbar spinal stenosis include the much lauded Spineworx realignment device that has continued to be popular with back pain sufferers. This simple back pain relief product may not look pretty but it is fairly compact, works well for most patients and is reasonably priced in comparison to many products splashed all over the television on hyperbolic infomercials. Taking care to check reviews of products can uncover problems with use and ways to overcome such difficulties; this can also help prevent purchases of inappropriate and ineffective products heavily advertised but with little merit.

“>lumbar back pain relief spineworx

Spineworx may help realign the lumbar spine and decompress pinched nerves.

Passive Back Pain Relief Products

In addition to products designed for active engagement there are other devices, such as lumbar support rolls or acupressure mats that work more passively to benefit spine health by correcting posture, improving circulation and increasing tissue oxygenation and relaxation. Lumbar support rolls are excellent for providing postural assistance during work hours or whilst commuting. These can also help even when watching television or sitting in bed as can certain back braces that provide a handy reminder to maintain good posture.

Safety First for Back Pain Products

There are hundreds, if not thousands of back pain relief products vying for attention so it can be difficult to decide which ones are likely to be helpful. Many products are unsuitable for use with certain conditions and may actually worsen back or neck pain; some abdominal workout stations that claim to stretch out the spine can increase back strain, for example, when used incorrectly or due to sizing problems and fit. It is, therefore, advisable to discuss the use of any products with a physician familiar with the pertinent issues prior to buying any back pain relief devices.

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