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Amy April 20, 2011 at 11:33 am

My 64 year old father has suffered from neck pain for years, but within the last 4 months he started to experience an electrical shock sensation down his back and arms, loss of sensation/numbness in his arm and now (within the last 4 days) has experienced loss of sensation in his legs and an inability to walk. He was hospitalized 5 days ago, a CT scan was down showing severe arthritis and complete degeneration of the spine, an MRI was done and the final diagnosis given was spinal stenosis. He is currently waiting to see a neurologist. My question is how long is too long to wait before permanent damage is done? Once a person has lost sensation in their extremeties are they able to recovery? If a person has complete degeneration of the spine is surgery a possibility?
Thank you,
A very concerned daughter


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